The Patented PUKE BUCKET®

Perfect for medical patients, kids, Lyft and Uber Drivers, motion sickness, and party-goers. Easy to clean, store, and re-use.

Puke. Rinse. Repeat.

Now with an Anti-Splash Back Apparatus!

The Puke Bucket® Is A Reusable Container For Vomiting. It Is Specifically Designed To Handle Your Vomit In A Sanitary Manner, By Curving More Comfortably Around Your Face... and it's Cleaner Than A Toilet Seat!



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The go-to solution that offers a more convenient & comfortable way to handle your puke.


Easy to Clean

Hand wash with regular dishwashing detergent or put into your dishwasher for easy cleaning.



The Puke Bucket is reusable, dishwasher safe, and BPA Free



Removable "Anti Splash Back Apparatus" is designed to reduce messy situations for those particularly violent vomiting episodes.



Far more hygienic than sticking your head in a toilet bowl... Yuck who wants that!



The Puke Bucket is made of PP BPA FREE material, so you should not expect to get cancer as a direct result of using the Puke Bucket.



Stop wasting money on disposable puke bags that harm the environment! Simply... PUKE, RINSE & REPEAT.

Based on 63 reviews
This was an excellent decision It was a rough winter in this house. We’ve got a family of 7 and it takes a bit for us to get through being sick. Near the end of our sickness adventures I had discovered that our beloved popcorn bowl turned puke bucket had a crack in the bottom. We won’t talk about how I made that discovery. I refused to give another popcorn bowl up to a life of puke and took to Amazon to solve my life problems. As one does. That’s when I found this. My favorite purchase ever made. You can really let go into this thing and it has a splash guard situation so no worries about that. It’s easy to clean. It’s easy to use. And it’s perfectly shaped for you to hang your head and just be miserable as you extrude your bad decisions from the night prior. It also comes with extremely helpful directions that you absolutely need to read
Unpleasant but essential Let's face it, the puke bucket is not the most glamorous accessory, but in moments of nausea-induced distress, it becomes an unsung hero. This humble vessel stands ready to catch the unfortunate aftermath of an upset stomach, sparing us from more unpleasant outcomes. While its purpose is far from enjoyable, the practicality of a puke bucket cannot be denied. Its wide opening and sturdy construction ensure that it can handle even the most turbulent tummy troubles. Although it's not an item we ever hope to rely on, the puke bucket proves to be a necessary evil, providing a sense of relief and containment when we need it most.
Joyce Bowman
Joyce Bowman
Great for the sickies Easy for any child to hold. Not huge like a bowl, so can easily sit beside mattress on bed for quick access when needed.
Life Saver I’m a cancer patient and this thing has been a life saver on days where I am experiencing nausea & vomiting. I no longer have to worry about “making it” to the bathroom. The item is also very easy to clean. It’s convenient, feels like an extra safeguard and you don’t have to feel weird about using a bowl you’d cook with or something else from your kitchen to be sick in. I’m honestly glad I found this product.
Great! I got this bucket because I was recently diagnosed with cyclical vomiting syndrome. I was using an old bathroom trash can, and it kept scratching and cutting my face. I have had 2 episodes since getting this, and it had been a life saver. I can hold it too my face comfortably. The splash guard does really work, a lot of my barfing is projectile. And it's super easy to clean, I pop out the splash guard and just run it under hot water. This has been a life saver, if you have kids or any medical condition that causes frequent vomiting, I would recommend getting this.
Good This needs to be available in glow-in-the-dark colors so the kiddo can actually find the thing in the night!It works great otherwise.I removed the inside piece as it just made it harder to clean. If you angle the bucket as you puke it won't splash up even missing the splash guard.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Easy to Use, Good For Cancer Related Nausea I bought this for a very sick individual with Cancer. This is very helpful for dealing with Cancer/medicine related nausea.
Morning sickness lifeline Does its job, easy to clean. It’s been a lifesaver through my pregnancy!
Kelly G
Kelly G
This is very useful! I need to buy another one! My son has always had GI issues and vomits regularly without being sick. We’ve always used a random bucket but when I saw this I knew I had to give it a try. I love the handles on each side and the splash guard in the middle works really well! I’m very happy and considering buying a second!
A must for any parent! The Puke Bucket is perfect for parents with little kids. If your kid complains of a tummy ache at bedtime, put the Puke Bucket beside their bed or hang on the bed frame so they won't get sick all over themselves and their bedding. I love that it is bright yellow so it is easy to see at night! Great product! Definitely will be giving these as gifts!
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